Tomorrow’s jobs
Tomorrow’s jobs

Innovative talent strategies ensure you’re connecting to present and future customers.

Evolving workforces build businesses.

There comes a time in the lifespan of most businesses, be it due to changing economic climates, consumer preferences or technological advances, where gaps appear and new roles need to be created to adequately meet customer and market demand.

These roles require a step into the unknown and answers to challenging questions; what kind of people should we be recruiting and what do they need to excel in?

Chemistry partners with businesses to define a complete role description that analyses the true traits, behaviours and skills that each new position demands – setting a benchmark against which companies can recruit both internally and externally, and reducing the risk associated with piloting ‘new’.

Take a leading mobile phone operator; responding to changes in the smartphone market, the company realised it needed to shift its operations from sales to service. This meant creating a new role at the heart of its customer experience. We developed a profile of What Great Looks Like (WGLL™) for the role, allowing them to recruit against this framework within a custom designed tool – an interactive on-brand virtual world where candidates responded to scenarios they would encounter in the new role. Our solution reduced attrition in the retail workforce by 50%; removed 75% of the hiring manager's time in the recruitment process; increased the company's NPS score from +83 to +94 and delivered a staggering 4,000% ROI.
Chemistry's insight delivered incredible business value by enabling us to understand the gap between strategy and execution and our talent. It really is the holy grail.
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