Imagine if all of your sales teams were as good as your highest performers?

We make this a reality – building high performing sales teams that deliver for businesses and customers.

Inconsistency in performance across a sales team is a problem nearly every company knows. Yet sales are the critical mass on which every business relies. At Chemistry we work to combat this contradiction, enabling organisations to execute high performance across sales teams and not just rely on the star power of your top performers.

We were approached by a leading business services provider who was struggling; 54% of their sales people left in the first year and only 38% of those that remained hit their targets. Our work involved rapidly defining What Great Looks Like (WGLL) to deliver their commercial objectives and realign their hiring process against the results. Within a year salesforce attrition had fallen by 10% and the proportion of sales people meeting target had increased by 17%.

A leading US credit services provider wanted to improve its 93% hit rate on sales targets. Using customised Chemistry tools that addressed existing employee development and new talent simultaneously, within two years the sales team's hit rate had increased to 108% – a revenue increase of $49 million. Similarly, our capability insight and development work with the enterprise sales teams for a multinational telecommunications provider produced a 5.3% growth in total UK revenue – a £300 million difference.

Great sales teams transform companies. Get in touch to see how Chemistry can make your sales teams achieve their true high potential.
The effort Chemistry took to truly understand not only my business but what differentiated performance was ultimately the key to creating the extraordinary performance outcomes we achieved.
Customer Services Director
Business Services, UK
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