Great leaders make great businesses. Ensuring the right leadership for today and tomorrow is critical.

It’s a decision no company can afford to get wrong.

Our industry-leading technology gives us unrivalled insight to advise our clients on the right leadership candidates for them, working exclusively on their behalf to profile the behaviours a candidate needs to demonstrate. Knowing and understanding their business and organisational values, we work with our clients to select directors, senior management and C-suite against the parameters we have created. Partnering with search agencies and internal recruitment teams we are actively invested in the results or our clients hiring and development programmes. For many companies looking to hire for pivotal roles we are the first point of contact, be it to create a leadership profile, actively advise a choice of final candidate or engage in what great leadership should look like for them.

Our future leader tools and assessments have contributed to the rise of senior executives currently at the helm of a number of FTSE 100 and Dow Jones 30 companies. Working with a leading data and insight company's Australian division, our leadership profile suggested hiring a candidate who had been overlooked, a woman who went on to become the company's most successful external appointment to date. In the U.K, a major public infrastructure provider consult us to advise upon all appointments to their executive team and for a national chain of opticians, we established one leadership culture from two merging companies.
We have used Chemistry for every hire in the last 15 years.
Financial Services, UK
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