Diverse workforces solve diverse business problems.

If you aren't thinking outside of your own experience, how are you going to connect with your broad customer base?

Ethnicity, gender, nationality, education – even an applicant's address – bias comes in many forms. Over the past 15 years we've worked with leading businesses to address bias, both conscious and unconscious, when recruiting corporate workforces across the globe. We partnered with a global telecoms provider to install their first ever all-Caribbean national executive team and working with a worldwide drinks manufacturer, increased the number of female hires globally from 38% to 51%.

But here's the most extraordinary thing. We didn't set out with quotas to achieve, we had another goal in mind – to find the right people for our clients and businesses. For when an entire organisation adopts this shift in mindset, changing the way they think and act upon hiring and development, socially representative workforces are a natural by-product – and the effect on ROI is real.
Their approach was so flexible and tailored to our needs versus the generic capability framework others were offering. They really helped us understand where we could change.
Head of Transformation
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