Business transformation
Business transformation

Be durable, not disruptive.

The road to innovation means a commitment to identifying, training and empowering those who deliver it.

What links business strategy, operating model and organisational design? Talent. Talent is the thread that runs through all three, they key determinate in the success of each and every one. For without thinking, 'who is doing the jobs?' strategy fails every time.

Working with Chemistry, we align talent with your planned business model transformation so that when it comes to execution, you know you can count on your people.

Changing a business model isn't only about ushering in a new modus operandi. It requires a shift in mindset and employee behaviour. Without this shift, effective implementation is hindered. Chemistry works with you to understand the behavioural implications of the business transformation you are undertaking, defining What Great Looks Like (WGLL™) for the talent you need to make it happen and aligning your hiring and development activities to accelerate and deliver the transformation.

The digital revolution has forced many companies to reassess traditional models from products to platforms, services and networks. Understanding your new strategy, we look at your existing workforce to identify the shift required in employee behaviour. By defining WGLL™ for the different ways of working, you can provide a clear expectation to your current employees of what the change looks like and where they start on their change journey. Clear expectations and individual, team and department self-awareness combine to accelerate to new ways of working and a new realisation of organisational performance.
They increased the performance of our outsourced partnerships, a key part of our transformation strategy, by an average of 300%. I knew the answer was about talent, Chemistry enabled us to understand how.
Chief Information Officer
Telecommunications, Global
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