What Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Is Missing

What Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Is Missing

Introducing What Great Looks Like (WGLL™)

WGLL™ and talent acquisition

Finding, retaining and maximising the performance of the right talent is an essential part of every business. To aid this process, the Chemistry Group has developed a trademarked methodology for predicting human performance at work. We call this “What Great Looks Like” (WGLL™) and it is vital in ensuring a robust and successful talent acquisition strategy.

WGLL™ defines the objective human traits and behaviours required, by role, to deliver the necessary business outcomes within its company culture. We then use WGLL™ — unique to each business to customise our assessments. This creates a plan that takes into account the specific context of the organisation and the positions within it. Once this is done, we track the impact on the business outcomes we help generate, ensuring an objective data-driven implementation that leads to success.

Talent acquisition needs to fulfil a business objective

Starting off with what success looks like

Many organisations make the mistake of hiring with their gut. Not only is this a breeding ground for bias, but it is also not an efficient way to create a productive workforce.

Talent acquisition shouldn't be different to any other part of business — it needs to be driven by a specified objective and supported with data and facts. After all, you can never achieve what your company sets out to do without high-performing talent.

But what does high-performance mean to you? This changes from business to business, depending on your markets, goals and values. This is why it is so important to ask what great looks like (WGLL™) for your company, so we can optimise your talent acquisition process in the unique context of your organisation. We can then help you track their performance and ensure your employees stay happy and live up to their potential.

The Chemistry Group's values of being passionate, collaborative and intelligent about business feed directly into our methodology, promoting a strengthened approach for your recruitment and development processes.

What talent do you need?

While it's important to recognise what talent you need to achieve your business goals, it doesn't stop there.

Most businesses start lead generation as soon as they think of a profile based entirely on skills or experience. They fail to consider the impact of recruitment and development on company culture beyond the practicalities of a role.

Our WGLL™ methodology studies the target roles, analyses people's performance in context and creates measurable profiles that identify high performing potential and capability. We use hard data to accomplish this, allowing businesses to recruit and develop people with the knowledge that their talent has the best chance of being a perfect fit.

What talent do you already have?

The contextual analysis is not complete without applying it to the existing talent and culture of the organisation. It is crucial to understand how existing employees will interact with this newfound understanding of business needs. Are they going to promote the objectives, or hinder them? Is the company culture going to help or slow down success?

For example, if your business goal is more innovation, WGLL™ may uncover that your company lacks talent with the fresh outlook this requires. What's more, it might find that recruits with an entrepreneurial mindset will not thrive in your organisation due to a company culture that encourages a traditional approach. Without this knowledge, you will struggle to achieve your aims even with the best talent.

The difference that WGLL™ makes

Without it, you’ll get this:

Standard approaches to talent acquisition tend to follow a rigid process that immediately starts with sourcing new talent:

- Lead generation
- Recruiting and attracting candidates
- Interviews
- Evaluating references
- Selecting the best candidate
- Hiring and onboarding

Of course, this will get you talent. It will probably get you great talent. But they are unlikely to be the right people for you. While a candidate may look perfect on paper — all the appropriate experience and skills to achieve your business goal — in reality, they might even hinder this if their personality is not suited to your organisation.

Not only will they not progress your business, but they will also be more inclined to leave due to ill-fitting company culture. This is why building the right atmosphere has to go hand-in-hand with talent acquisition, while the selection process must examine candidates through a lens wider than just their professional attributes.

Even if you have the perfect set of people working for you, it’s still easy to get stuck in a rut. A lot of businesses find themselves running by inertia rather than conscious consideration of what your company needs. This leads to worse business performance, but also the lack of personal development for your team, who may start to look elsewhere.
And you’ll miss this:
No businesses are alike, and the unique mosaic of your requirements, goals, and culture leads your development, transformation and search process. In order to do this, The Chemistry Group helps you to identify and define the traits and behaviours that will yield high performance on an individual and organisational level, within your specific business context.

To determine what great looks like, we use psychometric testing through an unbiased, data-led approach. This encourages a holistic and rounded talent profile that ensures you're not only hiring professionally savvy individuals, but also ones who will stay for the long haul and manifest their potential within your company. What’s more, it allows us to expand on the areas they need to strengthen to make the most impact, adding an element of personal development that will ensure their retention.

- Intellect: speed and accuracy of information processing
- Personality: beliefs, principles and cultural ethos
- Motivations: what drives people in the workplace
- Behaviours: what individuals will do rather than what they can do
- Experience: previous performance

All these areas must be examined together in order to predict how someone will fare in the context of a specific business. Intellect assessments alone, for example, provide no information regarding these other factors, so relying on them exclusively means unsuitable candidates are more likely to be hired.

Instead, we provide a detailed plan to assess these factors as a whole, creating a selection process that is built around every aspect of what great looks like for your business, and maximising your talent’s potential in the long term. By creating a culture that supports the business transformation you want to make, WGLL™ helps companies reach their goals.

Without context, your talent acquisition strategy is not fit for purpose

Talent is complex. Context is everything.

Understanding your organisation is the first step towards helping you generate high performance across the workplace. We work with you to define, create and employ unique human insights within the context of your business.

Our pioneering combination of consultancy, behavioural psychology, technology and data analytics provides you with accurate, actionable, customised solutions to deploy across your business, producing astounding results.

Without this, you’re doomed to a game of chance at best, and a whole host of biases damaging your business at worst. Why take the risk when you can make a step towards making everyone better at work, harnessing your existing strengths to a greater extent while making no errors of judgement with future hires?

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