Our Approach

Our Approach

Talent is complex.
Context is everything.

Understanding your organisation is the first step to helping you create high performance across the workplace.
Our methodology
We work with you to define, create and employ unique human insights within the context of your business. Our pioneering combination of consultancy, behavioural psychology, technology and data analytics provides you with accurate, actionable, customised solutions to deploy across your business, producing astounding results.
The Five Box Model
Customised Solutions
Consultative:<br>What great looks like
What great looks like
Our trademarked consultative process WGLL™ helps establish the benchmark for your talent.

It defines the traits and behaviours specific to your business context that will yield high performance on an individual and organisational level. It is the foundation upon which we build an effective, sustainable talent strategy to create positive business impact for you.
Analytical: <br>The Five Box Model
The Five Box Model
An unbiased, uniquely data-led approach.

Our analytical model maps the traits and behaviours of the high performance you need across five key areas, validated against internal and external benchmark data. This process enables us to activate organisational performance by acknowledging rather than ignoring the complexity of people and behaviours in the workplace.
The Five Box Model
Actionable:<br>Customised solutions
Customised solutions
Human level insight deployed at organisational scale.

Having defined What Great Looks Like™ for your business, our customised solutions enable companies to select, develop and assess talent in order to achieve business wide results. We work with you to measure impact and respond to any organisational changes rapidly.
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Made to fit you
Made to fit you
We care about getting exactly the right fit for your business. That’s why we only create tailor made solutions.

Every Chemistry product is uniquely created to fit a client. We’ll be there every step of the way to empower you to deploy our solutions, confident in the knowledge that they will deliver the change you need.
Chemistry have a real talent for bringing people together to deliver a vision. They had senior management, HR, managers and IT all working from the same page towards the same end. It was the best experience we’ve ever had with a consultancy.
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Global Head
Our ethos
We are passionate about you and your business
We want to understand the specific challenges and problems that you face, and the context you face them in so we can help you overcome them. We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to be brilliant at work.
We are intelligent about talent
Technology has a role to play in talent solutions, but it shouldn’t define the whole offering. It’s human insight that delivers the context you need. We care about making sure you have what you need to create success.
We are collaborative
Sharing knowledge and working together achieves great results. We pride ourselves on creating strong interpersonal alliances with business leaders, HR and talent teams in order to help you realise your business ambitions.
We are about people not politics
We work cross-company, for the benefit of all. One of the first steps in partnering with us is establishing a shared thought process to ensure that we engage with every level of the workforce.
The Team
Roger Philby
Roger Philby
Founder & CEO
Laurie Rainforth
Laurie Rainforth
Global Head of Consulting
Diarmuid Harvey
Diarmuid Harvey
Chief Science Officer
Mick Lock
Mick Lock
Chief Product Officer
Tomos Walters
Tomos Walters
Chief Technology Officer
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We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals and realise their ambitions. We care deeply about making a difference to people's’ work life. We would love to find out What Great Looks Like for you.