Our approach
Our approach

Talent is complex. Context is everything.

Understanding your organisation is the first step to igniting true performance across the workplace.

Our consultative approach
This delivers human insight within the context of your business, combining technology, behavioural psychology and data analytics for the most accurate and astounding results.
The Five Box Model
Customised solutions
1. Consultative: What Great Looks Like
1. Consultative: What Great Looks Like
Our trademarked consultative process establishes the benchmark for your talent. It defines the traits and behaviours that yield high performance and performers – in the context of your workplace. It is the foundation upon which we build an effective, long-term and sustainable talent strategy to deliver business impact.
2. Analytical: The Five Box Model
2. Analytical: The Five Box Model
The Five Box Model maps the traits and behaviours of high performance across five key areas: Intellect, Personality, Motivation, Behaviour and Experience, creating a hypothesis for the talent you need, that's then tested against internal and external benchmark data. This unique data-led approach enables us to acknowledge the complexity and multi-faceted behaviours of people in the workplace and activate organisational performance.
3. Actionable, customised solutions
3. Actionable, customised solutions
Having defined What Great Looks Like (WGLL™) for your business, our customised assessment solutions enable companies to hire, develop and assess talent in order to achieve business results. We enable our clients to deploy at scale everything they've learned throughout the consultative and analytical stages. We work with you to measure impact and respond to any changes in organisational operation and capacity.
Working with Chemistry we have built, throughout our organisation, world class teams – or as they would say the right talent in every role. To date, a five year old relationship that has delivered market leading commercial results.
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