Talent strategy to create home-working performance – understanding motivation

Talent strategy to create home-working performance – understanding motivation

Motivations and Working from Home

Your work environment has a major impact on your job engagement, satisfaction, and performance. If your workplace isn’t well aligned to your work needs and preferences, you’re less likely to engage in the behaviours that drive success in your role.

Shifting from working on site to working from home can be a significant environmental change. Understanding your team’s preferences is critical to keeping them as on track at home as they are on site.

Our team has created a simple 15 minute questionnaire that will generate an insight report to better help you understand your teams as they adapt to homeworking.

This insight highlights 3 categories of motivations to consider when working with your team remotely:

Team Motivators

Motivations that are consistently high in your team. These likely reflect your on site work environment. Take care to not lose these qualities for team members at home.

Individual Motivators

Areas where your team varies more significantly in their level of motivation. Learn who does hold a strong preference and who doesn’t, and how this impacts your team dynamic.

Team De-Motivators

Motivations that are generally low in your team. Be careful not to push a working style that can frustrate many of your team members.

We are offering this service free of charge, to request a unique survey URL for your organisation simply fill in the form below

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