Executive Selection & Performance

Executive Selection & Performance

“In all of our analysis, previous experience has been the least reliable predictor of future performance. The second least reliable is academic achievement.”

Diarmuid Harvey, Chief Science Officer
The Chemistry Group
Science based executive selection
Choosing the right leadership team is crucial to your company’s success. Our leadership selection methodology helps to identify the executives who will have the biggest impact on your business’ performance.
Our pioneering What Great Looks Like methodology engages business stakeholders in redefining the talent needed to create the outcomes your business demands
The Five Box Model
We combine Chemistry’s proprietary Five Box Model with advanced data analytics to internally and externally validate your WGLL™ talent profiles
Customised Solutions
With WGLL™ defined and validated Chemistry support your executive search team and help you select the right leaders to create positive results
Why do you need specialist executive selection?
48% of Executive leadership hires fail within the first 18 months.

By using Chemistry’s unique, data-driven approach to create an objective, unbiased framework to augment your executive search you can ensure you select the best candidate to perform in the role.

Eliminate executive failure with our unique leadership selection methodology.

Executive failure rate is at least 50% (Source: Corporate Leaders Council). The reason? Previous experience is the least reliable predictor of future performance. Most executives fail, not because they don’t know what to do, but because they aren’t right for your unique business context. Having an unbiased view of the traits and behaviours that will make executives succeed in your organisation is key to creating a high performance culture.

Find the best executive talent with our consultative, data-driven WGLL™ process.

Using our trademarked WGLL™ approach and more than 16 years of executive benchmark data, our experienced consultants create a tailor-made executive assessment process that insures against executive mis-hires. We help you to put the right executive talent, in the right place, at the right time.

Selecting the right leaders for market and business context
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Selecting the right leaders for market and business context
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We have used Chemistry for every key hire in the last 15 years.
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How does Chemistry’s executive assessment methodology work?
Working in collaboration with the hiring decision maker and your internal executive recruitment team or executive search partner (Chemistry works globally with the likes of Russell Reynolds, Egon Zehnder, Korn Ferry International and Spencer Stuart), we create a unique WGLL™ profile for the talent you need and conduct a robust behavioural interview and data-driven executive selection assessment for each shortlisted candidate.
What are the benefits of a data-driven executive selection process?
Traditional approaches to executive assessment are lengthy, expensive and there is little clarity on the criteria for and subsequent performance of the leadership hire. Publicly available data suggests that executive success rate is 50:50 at best. Chemistry’s unique methodology uses data and behavioural science to rapidly create valuable insight into the potential fit and probability of success of very senior appointment into your business.
Learn more about our leadership selection methodology
Your executive team are the most important leaders in your business, it’s not a decision you take lightly. To understand more about how we can help support you in taking these key decisions we have created a short information pack about our process. Just click the link and download the guide at the bottom of the page.
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