From neutral to double digit sales growth without hiring or firing a single person

Unlocking potential by understanding the Human Capitalisation Rate in context

At a glance
FTSE 10 Telecommunications Provider
Re-alignment of 12 person channel sales team
12 month turnaround
Neutral to double digit % sales growth
57% of customer contacts now view their contact as a partner not sales person
“The [human] capitalisation rate is the percentage of capable individuals that realise their potential.”
Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers
The Context
The Context
A Channel sales team at a FTSE 10 Telecoms provider was stuck in neutral despite being staffed with 12 exceedingly capable individuals. Using our proprietary IP we were able to measure the Human Capitalisation Rate of it's existing Channel Sales team, that is the percentage of the team fulfilling it's true potential. The data made it apparent to us that part of the problem was not the people but the accounts they were aligned to. The HCR was suppressed because Salesperson A was aligned to Account C.
Our Approach
Our Approach
Using our proprietary IP we measured the existing HCR of the channel sales team and then mapped the Potential and Capability data of each team member against the makeup of the 12 Accounts.
The Chemistry Solution
The Chemistry Solution
We were able to align the Sales People with the most suitable accounts in order to increase the HCR for the Channel business unit. That is to say that by looking at the Potential and Capability data of Sales Person A and the make-up of all of the Accounts it was clear they would achieve greater performance aligned to Account B. That is to say, Sales Person A would achieve more of their potential working on Account B, as opposed to Account C.
Within 12 months of improving the HCR the performance of the division had transformed with revenue moving from a neutral position to double digit growth.
Sales growth
HCR transformed with the business unit
Greater alignment with channel accounts creating greater customer satisfaction
Increased performance against WGLL™ metrics for all Channel Sales Team members
57% of customer contacts when asked (after 12 months) stated that they now see their channel sales contact as more of a partner than a sales person!

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