Rapid business transformation

From the verge of bankruptcy to a £700m sale in 24 months

At a glance
FTSE 100 company
ISP, transmission IP networking
A 2-year turnaround
650 new hires
The "fastest corporate turnaround in UK history"
With Chemistry's help, we were able to flood the organisation with the right talent, ultimately creating incredible shareholder value.
The Context
The Context
This UK-based telecommunications giant had installed a new Chairman and CEO. The brief was to rapidly bring the organisation back from the brink of bankruptcy to profitable growth, whilst revolutionising the experience of service in the telco sector. The Chairman identified that the gap between the vision and execution was the quality of talent, with a caveat; they needed to deliver better performance with less people.
Our Approach
Our Approach
Chemistry set about defining the traits and behaviours of predictive people who would thrive in an environment that was intellectually fierce, fast-paced, delivery focused and full of opportunity. Success was not about what you knew or what you did, but how you did it and how you did it at pace.
The Solution
The Solution
With a comprehensive understanding of the business context, Chemistry deployed What Great Looks Like (WGLL™) to the hiring process, our Select platform to the development process and our Perform platform to overhaul the promotional process. WGLL™ enabled the organisation to look beyond experience – none of the first 100 hires had telecommunications experience – and identify and hire the right people for the outcomes needed.
The results
In the space of 12 months, the impact was dramatic. An investment in defining WGLL™ and hiring and developing the right people enabled what the FT described as "the fastest turnaround in UK corporate history."
Organisation went from £150m in debt to being sold for £700m within 2 years
650 people hired suitable for the job
Virtually every layer of management changed out
Quoted by the Financial Times as the fastest turnaround in UK corporate history
We built a team that created £700 million value.
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