An innovative approach to increasing diversity in a global technology player

Hiring at scale without compromising on quality

At a glance
Multinational software corporation
88,500 employees
335,000 customers in 180 countries
50 awards for Innovation in Recruitment
60% female hires into sales roles
"Working with Chemistry we were able to deliver a global, award winning, highly diverse and effective reboot of our Early Talent programme.”

VP, Global Head of Employer Brand & Sourcing
The Context
The Context
This global software giant was struggling to meet its hiring quota for experienced sales staff resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars of lost opportunity every year. Frustrated by the growing war for experienced sales talent, they embarked on creating a Global Sales Academy, seeing investing in tomorrow's talent as a long term answer to a systemic market problem. The success of the undertaking was wholly dependent on the organisation's ability, in every market they operated in, to identify the right future talent for them. Get it right and they could secure future market share, get it wrong and they could fall behind aggressive competition.
Our Approach
Our Approach
The first step was to define the traits and behaviours predictive of high performing early-talent sales roles, in the client context. Using our What Great Looks Like methodology the client was able to define this rapidly across its global markets. The headline, of course, was that none of these traits and behaviours were gender dependent.
The Solution
The Solution
Using the defined WGLL™ profile, we designed and deployed a customised global sales assessment in every market using our proprietary SaaS platform. Any applicant, in any market via any internet enabled device could quickly assess themselves against the role requirements, receiving instantaneous feedback. Then, working with the client teams, we designed and deployed a Global Assessment Centre experience called 'Boot Camp', the first ever assessment process to combine collaboration not competition and driven by the live use of social media.
The results
Using hiring tools specifically designed by Chemistry, 500 candidates were screened from 40,000 applications across 25 different countries – all in just six months.
Female hires achieved, a direct result of the WGLL process
A 73% decrease in candidate dropout rates
100% of 'Boot Camp' candidates said they felt more motivated to work for the client whether they received an offer or not
£250,000 in recruitment costs saved in the first year
50 awards for the project including Best Graduate Recruitment Scheme and Best Use of Internet Technology
Chemistry transformed not only the way we recruit graduates but how we think about it, company wide. The results were incredible. We couldn't have hoped for better.
Human Resources VP, US
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