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At a glance
£5m reduction in recruitment operating expense
Over 480 retail outlets
22,000 employees
8% increase in Customer Fan Score
Chemistry's groundbreaking WGLL™ methodology allowed us to develop a brand new role that didn't exist in our industry and then hire high performers for each vacancy every time.
HR Manager
The Context
The Context
As the UK smartphone market matured, our client realised it needed to switch its retail operating model from a sales focus to a service one. To achieve this transformation the business needed to adopt a three pronged approach. One, transitioning the existing retail employee base to adopt new mindsets and behaviours; two, the creation of a new role to address the technical queries expected in the new service model; and three, streamline the existing labour intensive recruitment process to cope with over 10,000 applications a month whilst providing significant cost savings to fund the new service oriented role.
Our Approach
Our Approach
Working closely with the client brand experience team we employed our What Great Looks Like (WGLL™) methodology to create a clear definition of the behaviours required to deliver the desired commercial outcome, defined by the new service context.
The Solution
The Solution
Internal and external talent solutions were developed for the client. To address the mass hiring required we designed and deployed the world's first, non-linear, interactive mobile-first algorithmic assessment, enabling the accurate screening of over 20,000 applicants per month with no human involvement. Internally, we rolled out a Chemistry platform to understand the capability gap of the existing 22,000 employees that produced a clear insight for individuals on the journey ahead of them, and the training modules to get them there rapidly.
The results
The client became the #1 mobile phone retailer in the country.
Customer “fan” positive feedback rose to 93% from 85%
£5m saved in operating expenses
75% store manager time removed from the hiring process and returned to the shop floor
National and international media recognition for the innovative approach
There is such a thing as the cost of a bad hire. There is such a thing as a cost to low engagement. Hiring and developing is expensive, especially if you don't get it right. Chemistry enabled us to get it right first time. From every angle it's an investment well spent.
MD, Retail
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