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Over 30,000 employees worldwide
Operation in 80 countries, brand representation in over 180
Steward of the world's best selling alcohol brands
Est. 2007
Chemistry's approach was cross-functional, an approach which enabled us to replicate their work across our entire global division.
Global Head of Talent
The Context
The Context
This global FMCG organisation needed a graduate intake that reflected its diverse international markets and customers and the ability to identify individuals with high potential for future leadership roles. The ambition was to set a global standard of excellence for diversity and quality of hires.
Our Approach
Our Approach
A key aspect of the graduate programme was to find 'tomorrow's leaders' so we started there; determining WGLL™ for the profile of a great future leader. Machine learning techniques were then used to regress this profile to the stable components we would be able to measure in school and college leavers. In doing this, we dispelled several talent myths, namely that the university you graduated from had little or no correlation with your future performance. We removed it as a barrier and in the UK alone the number of universities the organisation recruited from increased from eight to 134. We repeated this approach in every global market the client operated in.
The Solution
The Solution
Having established the benchmark for a successful graduate candidate, we designed, configured and deployed an end-end hiring experience that recruited against this. It focused on testing collaboration over competition, was non-linear, immersive, fast-paced and fun. We called it The Final Audition and rolled it out across 25 countries, a truly equal playing field approach to recruitment.
The results
From its launch, potential graduates said The Final Audition was a great first impression that increased their motivation to work for the company. More importantly, the new experience opened up talent pools and created a mix of successful candidates from varied socio-economic, ethnic and gender backgrounds.
Female graduates increased from 38% to 51%
Removal of CVs from the application process worldwide
Success rate at face-to-face interviews went from 25% to 40%
Leading FTSE 100 for representation of women on boards
In 2016 ranked 11th out of 4,255 companies worldwide for diversity and inclusiveness in the Thomson Reuters Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Index
A global standard of excellence, firmly achieved
We had no idea of the inherent bias in the way we were recruiting. The transformation in the diversity of graduates we now recruit is astonishing and we're a much stronger company for it.
HR Director, UK
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