Critical leadership
Building the team to deliver Europe’s largest infrastructure project
At a glance
330 miles of transport infrastructure
1,500 employees
Executive non-departmental government body
“Chemistry brought certainty to our leadership selection process. We felt confident we were making absolutely the right choices across and for the organisation, crucial for this highly politicised project.”
Non Executive Director
The Context
The Context
This groundbreaking and unique organisation needed to understand the leadership capability required to lead £multi-billion investments with multiple stakeholders across the private and public sectors. Tasked with delivering critical infrastructure to aid the UK economy, it had the added pressure of creating a team at pace from scratch.
Our Approach
Our Approach
Using Chemistry’s innovative and scalable leadership assessment, we worked with the organisation through two executive team builds, mirroring the changing context for the project over time. Below leadership level, Chemistry defined WGLL™ across every business function, including finance, engineering, commercial and HR, designing assessments and hiring tools that would deliver the necessary talent.
The Solution
The Solution
Having worked with both the CEO and HR Director to define WGLL™ for leadership, we then implemented our actionable and scalable executive profiling solution to hire, promote and develop the varied leadership levels within the organisation. Concurrently, for volume hiring, we customised a Culture Fit Assessment that focused on safety in the workplace, scaling this to every applicant that applied for a job. Having completed a Culture Fit Assessment, applicants were further assessed using customised online assessment against their job families, e.g. Project Management, Quantity Surveying, or for highly specialised roles, via custom interview guides.
A diversity of talent across an entire organisation spanning the public and private sectors.
Executed a flawless apprenticeship programme with 100% acceptance rate and satisfaction of candidates
Decisive advice throughout two leadership changes; ensuring the right leaders were selected, at the right time
Scalable high volume hiring delivered through a customised blend of online and offline assessment experiences
Enabled the influx of a diversity of talent into an organisation and industry that has traditionally struggled with sourcing diverse talent
“Chemistry have successfully partnered with us to deliver value-added insight to our leadership capability, as well as delivering against all our volume and specialised hiring requirements. It is the results, delivered through a strong sense of partnering and co-creation, that distinguishes them.”
Director of Infrastructure
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