Predicting people performance

Select delivers accurate, mobile-enabled applicant assessments via your existing HR Technology. They’re designed by Chemistry’s world-leading behavioural science team & customised for your business, enabling you to hire great people at scale.

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Step One

The Online Assessment

Applicants screened through Select complete two customised assessments: a Culture Fit Assessment (CFA), measuring how well they are aligned to the culture of your business; and a Role Fit Assessment (RFA), measuring how they'd respond to the day-to-day challenges of the role.

Step Two

Candidate Reports

Having completed their Culture Fit and Role Fit assessments, each applicant instantaneously receives feedback, creating an amazing applicant experience at low-cost delivery

Step Three

Admin / Recruiter Reports

Select’s algorithms converts unqualified applicants into qualified candidates automatically, so you spend time talking to the right people for your business. Admin reports are an instant interview guide, outlining areas to probe and relevant questions to ask.

Step Four

Technical Integrations

Chemistry’s Select platform is integrated into your existing HR technology and brand. 90% of applicants across 31 countries & 15 languages report higher engagement with the brand and higher commitment to completing their application when using Chemistry’s assessments.

ATS Integration

Integration with your existing software including;

Chemistry will work with you to improve

Hiring Process Efficiency

Hiring Process Efficiency

Reducing time & costs associated with your hiring process

Improved Hiring Experience

Improved Hiring Experience

Improving hiring team, recruiter & candidate experience

Improved Quality of Hire

Improved Quality of Hire

Eliminating bias to dramatically improve quality of hire