We are very excited to announce that earlier this month, Chemistry launched a company wide global culture fit tool for a leading technology company – the first of its kind for this organisation.


This tool enables the organisation to introduce one view of what is needed to thrive in their working environment regardless of the role, seniority, or location an individual is operating in.


Through our extensive What Great Looks Like™ (WGLL™) process, Chemistry were not only able to identify the traits that made an individual exceptional in the company, but to also determine what it takes to be a great leader for the organisation, therefore enabling the right hiring decisions to me made.


A key requirement for the tool, was that it enabled our client to hire a diverse workforce.  By understanding What Great Looks Like™ for their organisation, Chemistry created a bespoke assessment only measuring the factors that predict performance, rather than looking at a holistic profile which can often lead to bias.  Chemistry tools are based on measures that have been tested on international populations, so our client’s tool is formed from representative samples across all global hubs.


The introduction of the new screening process prioritises candidates from their initial application, providing hiring managers with insight and guidance to deliver a high quality interview experience and enabling them to make unbiased, confident hiring decisions.


Following a seamless technology integration with the ATS, feedback from the pilot stage is very encouraging from a behavioural change perspective.