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Engagement & Autonomous Regulation

Kieran Davies, Business Psychologist at Chemistry, talks through the correlation between engagement and autonomous regulation (more…)

May, 15, 2017


Making the most of your ‘bricks & clicks’ in retail

People are shopping differently these days. Most shoppers are now what’s known as ‘omni-channel shoppers’. (more…)

May, 12, 2017


Retail’s Biggest Gamble:
Getting Boots on the Ground

Too often, in too many retail businesses, people strategy is all about getting a fully-manned


The importance of positive brand experience in retail & hospitality recruitment

Every touchpoint of a retail or hospitality business is an opportunity to bring the brand (more…)

May, 10, 2017


Do you need to create Brand Ambassadors – or do you just need to get the right people in the first place?

People deliver customer experiences – whether they’re designing them for digital platforms or serving customers (more…)

May, 04, 2017


My simplest definition of product management

I have a confession – my wife doesn’t know what I do for a living. (more…)

May, 02, 2017


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I have now been in the heady world of talent and hiring for 25 years, (more…)

Apr, 25, 2017


The Alchemy of Marketing: Making Brand Behaviours Real

Every brand should be searching for ways to ensure that its desired strategy is tangibly (more…)

Apr, 12, 2017


Why the recruitment industry is INSANE

Taking his lead from Einstein’s definition in his recent DisruptHR talk, Why Hiring For Experience Is (more…)

Apr, 12, 2017


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