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Can we learn how to bounce back?

Felix Schirmler, Business Psychologist at Chemistry, discusses resilience; whether you are born with it, you can learn it, or (more…)

Nov, 23, 2017


Every excuse you make is an opportunity wasted

    Tom Cornell, Business Psychologist at Chemistry, wonders what the real cost of making excuses is… — (more…)

Nov, 14, 2017


The ideal job candidate for the future

Graham Hales, CMO at Chemistry, wonders what the ideal job candidate of the future looks (more…)

Oct, 16, 2017


Making Failure Useful

Christopher Pocock, Business Analyst here at Chemistry, has just completed his second Ironman triathlon. Here (more…)

Sep, 15, 2017


Fighting the Small Fights

Alasdair James Scott, Chemistry’s Head of Inclusion & Wellbeing, blogs here about ‘fighting the small (more…)

Sep, 05, 2017


The Lazy Human Brain

Integral talent management decisions have historically been based off assumptions. A gut-feeling telling us that (more…)

Aug, 25, 2017


Have we truly defined performance in business?

Performance. It’s a big word in the business world, with lots of time and money (more…)

Aug, 11, 2017


The anti-diversity memo from inside Google

It was the internal Google memo that went viral. Its author criticised Google’s approach to (more…)

Aug, 08, 2017


Business must do more for Early Talent for everyone’s sake

Graham Hales, CMO at Chemistry, believes it’s in everyone’s interest for businesses to do more (more…)

Aug, 07, 2017


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