Pokemon Go and the future of augmented reality in recruitment – Podcast

The meteoric rise of Pokemon Go has taken the western world by storm. The use of augmented reality has caused a global trend and has now taken over as the must-have social accessory.

With such an overwhelming uptake of the technology, it felt only right that we discuss its future in the working world. The use of gamification in recruitment has been on the radar of most forward-thinking HR departments for some time. The sudden explosion of Pokemon Go has only emphasised the potential of game data being used to refine the candidate application process.

To help guide us on our journey of discovery we’ve enlisted three intrepid volunteers to discuss the merits of augmented reality and to delve a little deeper into the addictive nature of Pokemon Go.

Today’s guests include Dr. Kane Bidwell, Product Manager at The Chemistry Group and Business Psychologist, currently a level 15 trainer. Dr. Brent Clickard, a Business Psychologist and Data Scientist currently revolting against the Pokemon Go craze and finally, Australian-born Business Development Manager, Patrick Graham, currently a level 10 trainer.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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Aug, 02, 2016