How to implement a training academy successfully – Podcast

What is the most important part of your business? If you answered personnel, we’d have to agree with you. The people employed by your company have a direct impact on every aspect of your business.

We’ve talked before about how individuals can be let down by organizations, not least in their personal development. Having spent time, money and energy recruiting the right people, it seems completely alien to us to let them loose into the company without providing an array of tools to help them succeed.

Building upon an existing skill set or talent seems perfectly acceptable when you reference a musician or sports person. “Of course you need to train. How would you ever expect to improve otherwise?” Every golf or tennis professional worth his or her salt has a coach, so why don’t you have one in your job?

Today, Benjamin Western who heads up Capability at Chemistry, and is responsible for the huge success that has befallen the Chemistry Training Academy, joins Amy King.

In this episode, he talks in detail about the importance of an academy, what you need to consider when implementing an academy and his top three tips for success.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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How to implement a training academy

Aug, 23, 2016