How to hire the next England football manager – Podcast

Love it or hate it, football is part of the social fabric of British culture. The national team seems to be subjected to more pressure after each passing failed attempt at glory. Needless to say, the teams that do indeed reach dizzying heights are (perhaps a little unfairly) expected to repeat the process in subsequent years. 

It’s fair to argue that the England Manager is exposed to an elevated level of pressure and critique. Still very much England’s national sport, football is often criticised and subjected to countless remarks as to what might have been. 

At Chemistry, we thought we might be able to add some science to the equation. Needless to say, there’s perhaps a little LESS science than what is normally attributed to a Chemistry podcast, but then again what were we expecting from four men discussing football? 

We hope you enjoy the show.

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How to hire the next England football manager

Aug, 09, 2016