Florence Nightingale to Amazon: The pros and cons of data driven hiring

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last couple of months, Chemistry has been hard at work designing and implementing the world’s first ever immersive HR event. Now obviously we’re very proud of our achievement and we’re hugely thankful to those of you that were able to attend. One such individual was Ayesha Salim who was kind enough to recap their experience.

Due to the high demand, Chemistry will be rerunning the event in September. To further whet your appetite we’ve included a link to the IDG Connect article by Ayesha Salim to perhaps entice the more cautious of you…


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70 lucky HR leaders took part in the world’s first immersive HR event back in April – Now it’s your chance!

Open the humble wooden door, climb the narrow, 32-step spiral staircase and you’ll be transported to an experience like no other.

Join Chemistry for an experience like no other for anyone involved in hiring.


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Aug, 31, 2016