Does tech just automate unconscious bias? – Podcast

Welcome back to the simply brilliant podcast series People at Work episode number 21, brought to you by the Chemistry group. Today’s podcast focuses on a very hot topic that has recently exploded on social media. The topic is currently being debated by recruiters, business psychologists and everyone in between. The question they’re all trying to answer is… does the introduction of technology into the recruitment process help eradicate human biases or does it just simply automate the process?

To help us all gain a clearer understanding, we’ve drafted in some super special guests. We’re joined by people analytics leader, award-winning writer, business speaker and LinkedIn superstar David Green. The Global Director, for People Analytics Solutions at IBM David knows a thing or two about tech at its purpose and benefits within the HR process.

Joining him is tech expert Kirstie Kelly. Kirstie (LaunchPad) has starred in previous episodes so regular listeners should know by now that you’re in for some straight talking, no nonsense insight.

Last but by no means least is Chemistry’s very own tech geek and HR supremo Gareth Jones. G heads up the partner, innovation, and technology team here at Chemistry and seems to have made it his life mission to know the ins and outs of every tech fad going.

Between the three of them, they make some very interesting points! we hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Jul, 26, 2016