Video – Can tech remove unconscious biases from your recruitment process?

Join Tom and Kirstie, Chemistry’s Head of Product and Launchpad’s Senior Partner, for a discussion on whether today’s technology can finally make it possible to cure one of the biggest headaches in business today.

The subject of bias is always a hot topic and we’re constantly bombarded with opinions on how to combat it. So much so that it’s a real struggle to pick out a viable solution from the deluge of information that is churned out on an hourly basis.

Well, we thought it about time that we had a good old sit down chat to discuss the problem areas you’re facing and what you can actually do about them.

Tom is one of Chemistry’s most recognisable characters, having been with the company for many years. He currently works as Head of Product and is developing new tools to push the company into the stratosphere.   

Kirstie is, without doubt, one of the most passionate and innovative people we’ve ever met. Her unique brand of insight is positively infectious. Kirstie’s work at LaunchPad focuses around developing partnerships and customer relationships that showcase the positive impact tech can have on the recruitment process. 

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Jul, 22, 2016