A brilliant manager makes a brilliant store


In retail a good manager is the difference between a great store and a bad store. The manager commands the energy of the room, translates business strategy into action and is responsible for all customer interaction.

In other words, a brilliant manager makes a brilliant store.

Turning strategy into customer experience

Retail is changing. Customers are looking for an enjoyable and unique experience when they shop. Businesses know this. They’re adapting and investing. Stores are being redesigned and events are being put on. Some stores feel like clubs that happen to sell chinos, while others give each customer a bespoke experience that makes them feel like a VIP.

As businesses manoeuvre to hold firm and grow in the new world of bricks-and-mortar retail, store managers are the link between strategy and action. They’re the ones who have the skills and ability to take boardroom strategy and turn it into a smiling customer.

A great manager effects change by turning their staff’s energy – day after day – in the right direction and taking the business where it needs to go.


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For staff to be great their manager needs to be great

Atmosphere is more important than it’s ever been and the manager is responsible for creating it in the way they deal with staff and customers.

A great manager creates an environment where every member of staff feels like they can do a great job. That covers everything, from how the store is set up to how they approach customers who are just browsing the shop floor.

It’s a scientific fact, too. It’s called emotional contagion. About 70% of a team’s mood is based on their team leader’s mood. If a manager walks into the store in a good mood, then the whole mood of the team is lifted, they perform their jobs better and customers get the right experience, leaving happy and more likely to return to the store.

What constitutes a brilliant manager differs from store to store. What’s great for Zara might not be great for H&M. But what they all have in common is an ability to make their stores great and provide great experiences for customers.

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Sep, 05, 2016