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Sales Performance

We understand that great sales people in your organisation look different to your competitors. Our methodology allows you to understand what great sales people look like for your business, so you only hire those with the highest propensity to succeed in your company.

Business Transformation

Our proven methodology enables organisations to rapidly align their talent to new business strategies, evolving customer needs, and ways of working, including transitioning to an Agile workforce, in order to successfully embed business transformation.

Early talent

We know that previous experience is the least likely predictor of future success in a new role. By understanding what great looks like (WGLL™) for early talent in your organisation, we work with you you hire the candidates that have the greatest potential to move your business


We believe that great businesses start with great leaders. We have extensive experience in working with organisations to understand what great leaders look like in their business, and putting the tools in place to enhance the way they define and measure leadership effectiveness.

How we do it

Our award-winning methodology enables us to tackle complex business challenges by quantifying what great performance looks like in your organisation. We define high performance talent unique to your objectives, your culture, and your customers. We call this process What Great Looks Like. It underpins everything we do. It’s what makes us the most accurate predictors of human performance in the workplace in the world.

The science behind what we do

Here at Chemistry, we know that previous experience is the least likely predictor of future performance in the workplace. Our proven, award-winning methodology looks at intellect, personality, motivations, behaviours and experience. By combining these five factors – which make up our Five Box Model™ – we are able to predict who will perform the behaviours that you need to drive your strategy.

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